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2023 Barnard Artwork Released

Every year we work with famous artist Michael Barnard of Sunburn Designs to create our fundraiser disc that we release during registration. In the disc golf world Barnard is known for his unique full color disc designs mostly produced in full foil version through Discraft. Outside of disc golf he is known for working on the famed series Garbage Pail Kids and designing art for some of the world biggest music icons including the just released Rush Pinball Machine.

With over 5 years working with Michael, we can also say that he is a class act when it comes to how he approaches his craft, responding to his customers needs, and making sure you are happy with the end product. We are just as excited as the players each year to see the new artwork design he comes up with.

This year we will release a very limited number of approximately 150 Full Star Foil Buzzzs with the artwork design. These will only be available during registration with a small number reserved for Barnard Art Collectors. We want to thank Mike for always staying true to our design concepts and for being a consummate professional at what he does. Check out his Etsy store here.


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