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Big Rip Announces Tournament App

Our Event Staff is excited to announce the addition of a comprehensive Big Rip Tournament app for 2023.

During Am/Jr Worlds & Ledgestone Open this year, Big Rip TD Michel Munn had the opportunity to see how important it was to have all the event information in one place through a tournament app. Dealing with major air quality and weather delays at Am/Jr Worlds he quickly realized that being able to deliver real time information through push notifications to the players in these large scale tournaments is paramount.

After consulting with the lead Ledgestone Open staff the Big Rip team was connected with the creator of DISCDOCTOR Event Apps Jeremiah Flickinger. A brief introduction and discussion turned quickly into the beginning of the Big Rip Classic Tournament App. The features, ease of use, and the ability for the admin to control the content made working with DISCDOCTOR an easy decision.

The Big Rip app will have everything from the event schedule to parking instructions delivered in a very functional way. Each course will have a caddy guide designed by John Cornwell that will include a map, hole preview, and the out-of-bounds designations. The players will have the benefit to add notes on a specific hole for a true caddy book experience. The primary way we will communicate with players regarding any issues that come up including weather delays is with the announcement feature through push notifications. Be sure to allow these notifications so you can stay up to date throughout the event.

The addition of this App could not of been possible without the help from our sponsors and the diligent work from Jeremiah with DISCDOCTOR Event Apps. The Big Rip Classic App is ready for download in the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.


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