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Open Registration Begins June 5th!

Open registration will begin for all players on June 5th at 6:00PM CDT. With early registration filling in less than an hour, we expect open registration spots to go quickly this year for a cap of approximately 400 total players. Each division will have a player cap and the waitlist will be set up per division. You must be a Current PDGA Member to register for and play in this event.

This event has traditionally hit the player cap within a matter of hours. If you do not get in, you will be able to immediately register for the waitlist. We have changed our waitlist policy this year to require anyone on the waitlist to pay in full. This is due to the challenges we have faced in prior years getting waitlisted players to respond and pay their entry once they have been promoted. Every year we promote 70+ players from the waitlist into the event so do not get discouraged if you are a high number on the list. If you do not get promoted off the waitlist you will receive a full refund.

Visit for all up to date information regarding registration.


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